You are a Daughter of a King

The daughter of a King, does not compete with other women because at the end of the day it is the man who chooses the woman that he wants to be in his life.  It is man who gets on his bended knee to ask for your hand in marriage.  So why fuss, fight, and cry over someone that has not been destined to be in your life.


Photo credits: Art by R. Sterling

Waiting on God’s choice for you might be hard sometimes, but it’s worth the wait because there is a blessing and a reward for the one that God chooses for you.  For that man will recognize his missing rib! He will know your voice when he hear you speak. He will recognize your scent.  The reason he choose you is because God placed you in his spirit and let him know, there she is. God will say, “I have prepared her for you as I have prepared you for her.”  Now she is ready for you as you are ready for her.  Remember you are the daughter of a King and you deserve a King because you are a Queen.

daugher of most high king

Photo credits: via Pinterest


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