Learn how to Keep your relationship private

A very wise woman told me that when you are dating, courting, or even married to a man one must remember to shut up about what is going on between you and your mate.

Sometimes, we as women forget that not every woman will be happy about our happiness and will utilize our sad times to their advantage.  Some will even compile that information and someday use it against you.

Granny said back in her day, they didn’t share their business about their personal relations with a man with another woman.  You don’t give another woman ammunition to take your man she said.  Learn to shut up.  I know it’s hard especially when you are confiding in your girlfriend  about what he did or didn’t do and how he made you cry.  But the most important thing that we keep forgetting to do when we face trials and tribulations with our partner, love one, or husband is taking those problems to God in prayer.  We talk to everyone but him about what’s going on in our relationships instead of talking to the one person who can give us guidance, direction, and understanding as well as peace of mind.

Telling another woman our business is like getting on the radio broadcasting to the world your man is up for grabs.  Men don’t like it either when they hear one of our friends or associates and God forbid family members all in his business.  What goes on in your home behind closed doors between you and your spouse, or significant other is private and should be respected.

We as women need to get back to that especially in the work place.  All of your business is all over the office weather you believe that or not.  It’s called office gossip.  Stop taking advice from bitter women and that woman who does not have a man.  Grammy said that, we take advice from the wrong people.  Please stop taking advice from women who are going through the storm with their husbands or significant others because they cannot give you an honest or discern true advice because their lives are troubled.  They may be angry with all men and give the wrong advice out of anger.

We must learn to put our faith and trust in God.  He is the one we should be listening too.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with asking for advice of a wise woman that has a good marriage established and built on true love, trials, and faith.  She’s been married for 20 plus years and the best advice I’ve gotten is from a beautiful woman who was married for 75 years.  She is just glorious.  She is the woman who said “Learn to Shut Up” and stop telling all your business to everyone.

Everyone doesn’t have to know you are in a relationship at work.  Everyone does not need to know he pissed you off last night or every time you were intimate.  It is when we discussed these things in the work place, public restaurants, ect that other women take heed to our conversation and utilize that very information that you are discussing to get with your man.

It’s amazing when you learn to shut up and take your issues or concerns to God in prayer and when you truly need some pearls of wisdom you have that one special person in your life that you can go to for true advice.

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