Don’t allow your past to dictate your future

There have been many wise women and men who have said this to me from my sister’s to my friends. Don’t allow your past to dictate, guide, nor steer your present, or conquer your future. You have the power to over come anything and everything.  Don’t allow anyone’s past to influence your present life or your future life.  The past does not hinder you for it allows you to grow, mature, and prosper to move forward.

Walk away from those that continue to remind you of the past.  The good pastor Olive said it best; ” we have some folks sitting on the front row with us that need to be escorted to the balcony.”  Do not allow negative people to encompass your circle.  You have a choice.  God gives us choices and it’s up to us to make the right decision when the choices are presented before us.

Each generation should be better than the previous.  We are not to follow and stagnate for we are to prosper and grow.  Life is about growing; therefore, when we allow our past to dictate our present life, and then conquer our future we fall down.  But remember Jesus got up and so can you too.  We take each day one day at a time so when we fall just get back up and start over again, you will get it right.

We forgive and we move forward! We grow  so that we can mature!  To all my young girls, stop allowing your past to control your present life and by no means should you allow it to conquer your future?  

To my single moms, my sisters, and my independent women with a purpose, our past is just that our past.  Grow from it, learn from it, and Let it Go. Forgive and move forward onto great things.  God said, we are conquerors!  We have an inheritance and a legacy. Claim what is yours for our father gave it to us when he forsaken his only begotten son. Jesus Christ, our savior and lord.

I am not a one in a million kind of girl.  I am a once in a lifetime kind of woman.  Don’t allow your past to dictate, guide, direct, your present life or your future.  God Bless!

photo Credits: source  Beautifully Said Magaizine 


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