Should a woman pursue a Man?

Should a woman pursue a man? This has been a question asked in group sessions, girls night out, and at social venues.  The response is always mixed because you have the independent woman vs. the old fashion woman who still believe in courtship. 

Yes courtship is a word used when men did the chasing and the pursuit to gain your heart, your love, and your trust. It was the man who would approach your father and ask for permission to court you. Of course time has changed and people have changed.  Some men and young men don’t do that anymore for several reasons. One being,  the tradition is not being taught to young men, higher rate of single parent homes without the presence of a father, and the increased independent woman. 

What if we got back to the “basics” of courtship? Would it be different in the aspect of better relationships, more marriages with longevity, and healthier relationships? I believe in some traditions that our parents experienced as great traditions because some of them like courtship taught the woman to value her body and save herself. While teaching the young man to respect a woman and treasure the precious jewel that was before him. 

It’s a rare find that you find a man with the mindset of courting you, respecting you, and getting to know you before they sleep with you. They do exist. So that brings us to the question should a woman pursue a man? The answer to that is No and Yes. Why do I say that? Glad you asked!  I say no a woman should not pursue a man with the idealogy of courting him and chasing him until he says yes to being with her and yes to dating her. A woman was taken from the man’s rib to create her to be his help mate and partner. Therefore, a woman has a particular position to take with a man and she cannot be the head of the relationship nor can she wear the pants in the relationship. It’s the man who was trained and born to be the head of the house and to pursue the woman. 

So why did I say yes? I said yes because a woman can inform a gentleman of interest that she has taken kind to him as my southern mother use to say. Or that he has sparked her interest and she would be honored to have a cup of coffee with him. This position will allow her to show him that she is interested and give him the opportunity to get acquainted with the precious jewel presented before him. He still will decide if he is attracted to her, intrigue to Learn more about her, and decide whether or not to pursue her. Basically, a woman can put a little out their to see if she gets a bite back. Grandpa use to say, going fishing to see if you can hook your prize. 

Should. Woman pursue a man? Share your thoughts and comment. 

photo source: Pinterest Via peak.   


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