Being Alone is a good time to discover who you are. 

Being alone is a good time to get to know you. It’s time for you to discover the woman that you were created to be and get closer to God.  Being alone allows you to fall in love with yourself. It opens your eyes and your heart while you tap into the power of you. 

Being alone with no distractions allows you to find your passion and purpose. Most important, you find and discover what makes you whole.  A few women that I have come across seem to think they need a man to become whole.  One should be whole before the real man of God finds her, but that is another topic.  A woman can become whole before meeting her  soul mate not afterwards.  A woman wholeness and a man’s wholeness will complete the unity between the two.

A woman that is not afraid of being by herself is a powerful woman.  Why is she powerful? She knows who she is and the power within her. She believes in herself and does not need to seek validation or approval of others for who she is.  The power within her to become greatness is awaiting to be unleashed once she taps into the power within. 

So the question to ask ones iself, do you take a break in between relationhips or time off to figure who you are, what you want, and discovering your wholeness?

Photo source: via Pinterest afrodesiaworldwide.tumblr


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