A Mother’s Love 

A mother’s love is like no other love that is not even comparable to any relationship.  A mother’s love is gentle and truly essential to the survival of a child. A mother teaches her child what love is and in return the child gives her unconditional love. The love between a mother and daughter is absolutely amazing.  The love between a mother and son is a gift that he will someday show to another woman. 

A mother’s love is unimaginable to a child’s existence. It’s the one love that a child connects to in the womb when the baby recognizes her heartbeat.   

A mother’s love touches the soul and spirit of a child.  A love that no one can touch nor live up to. A mother loves you for who you are and supports all your dreams, downfalls, teaches you lessons on the mistakes you have made without judgement, loves you through your journey of stubbornness, “I know it all cause I am grown” phase of life which is usually 18-25 and sometimes 18-30 for the late bloomers. 

 As a mother, we love you no matter what because we know you have to find your way. Most importantly, a mother’s love consits of a prayer like no other prayer that goes up to the Heavenly Father. She keeps you covered even when you have gotten lost. When your lost in the valley, a mother’s love prevails.  Even when a child is searching for who they are a mother’s love never dies. Remember the prayer, “a mother’s prayer is strong and righteous.”

A mother’s love is worth more than money could ever buy. As a matter of fact, there is no price on a mother’s love. Her love is priceless and far worth more than any amount of money a man could ever offer. 

This weekend has been filled with sadness as mother’s lay to rest their child and others finally say good bye.  I could not imagine having to part from my daughter let alone having to loose her. My heart and prayers go out to the mother’s that had to bury their daughter’s  this weekend. I lift up in prayer the Sandra Bland Family and I am praying for justice and peace for the family. Hundreds paid their respect on Saturday according to Essence article. 

  Essence announced tonight the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown. I am sending prayers to the Brown & Houston family for she is finally at peace. I am sure now she is in her mother’s arm receiving her mother’s love again. 

No mother wants to burry their children let alone their daughters or grand-daughters. They both were young with so much purpose and potential to touch lives.  

So tonight it’s a mother sending mother’s love to the mother’s who have to bare the pain of laying a child to rest. 

May God keep you through this difficult time. May he give you strength to endure and over come. May he give you peace of understand and love like no other! God bless you and sending a mother’s love to you and your family. 

A mother’s love is unconditional. 


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