Sisterhood is a beautiful unity black women share. 

Did you know that it’s been said that black women cannot have a unity of sisterhood? Well, I beg to differ as it’s how you define sisterhood. 

However, it’s start with just one sister supporting another sister’s vision, dreams, goals, career, and celebrating her achievements. It’s done one day at a time.  A sisterhood is growing between black women destroying the stereotype that a sisterhood is impossible.  It’s about bridging  a gap of unity that defeats the bond that opens the collaborations of great minds, unity of sisterhood to be formed and to grow. 

 A sisterhood is a collaboration that had various ages, different education majors, unique  visions, big dreams, and driven careers share. They all share  a common denominator called sisterhood. 

What does sisterhood mean? It’s  defined as a bond between women of various ethic backgrounds, career levels, education levels, siblings, and friends. A sisterhood does not have to be blood. A sisterhood of unity has leverage that basic friendships don’t have because of the love, bond, and trust. 

I have three sisters by blood that I grew up with, shared rooms, held disagreements, and even shared an apartment together. It’s a sisterhood bond that cannot be broken. Like any relationship we have our trials and our bad,happy, and sad moments. As you mature and grow wiser, you learn to respect the relationship boundaries that allow your siblings to be the person they are which is human by fault and forgiven by Christ.  A sisterhood has to grow, develope, and change as you grow and mature in the relationship. 

At the end of the day, your blood sisters are forever your siblings and they do have a life of their own. You learn to respect their privacy and watch them mature, grow, and make decisions without you. Sometimes when you are the eldest of the sisters, it’s hard to let go because you want to save them. It is through time that you learn to step back and allow them to come to you for advice and support. This is the only way to allow the sisterhood bond to grow.   

 A sisterhood has its woes but the bond can never be broken. 

A sisterhood is not just your blood sisters but your friends who you share a unique bond with that has been nurtured and grown over the years. Your relationship has bonded like your blood sisters that allow you share everything.  

You encourage one another, you inspire each other, you always have a shoulder to cry on, and ear to listen. Most important, you know each other like sisters.  The bond is real and the respect for one another is awesome.   Sisterhood of best friends that support each other no matter how hard we fall, the bond is never broken.

A sisterhood is a beautiful unity that can be nurtured and developed over time. Like the women featured hear in this article, a sisterhood of unity, support, inspiration, encouragement, and love equally shared among black women. Encourage a sister today and support her dreams, goals, career, and her passion. 

Feature photo credits: Via Pinterest Post

Other pictures courtesy of Letrise Carter


4 thoughts on “Sisterhood is a beautiful unity black women share. ”

  1. Beautiful article. I have always loved you like a sister and appreciate our friendship. It’s definitely an unbreakable bond. As women we must learn how to support and encourage one another in hopes we will all be able to unlock our potential purpose in life. Thanks for the shout out in the article and love the picture of us. Love ha girl and keep on blowing us away with your words of wisdom. You definitely have a calling.

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