Have  you discovered who you are? 

There are many folks walking around and they don’t even know who they are? Have you asked yourself , who am I? What did you conclude? Do You know who you belong to? One might say, I belong to my man because he is my husband. That is the wrong answer. The right answer would be that I belong to God. As his daughter who is purpose bound to greatness and waiting to give birth to the greatest gifts. I am a one of a kind and a master piece. A unique artwork sculpted and design for an assigned purpose and destiny.

There is so much power in the statement “when you know who you are and where you are going that you unlock a power that man cannot even control.” See people who don’t know themselves will not understand your dreams, your passion, your mindset, and let alone your ambitions.

One might say they are small-minded, but that is not it. Some people are not on your level of maturity let alone your purpose path to greatness.

How you see yourself is how others will see you. If you see the author, the screenplay writer, the business woman or man, owner of multiple businesses, a leader, and a visionary. Then that is how others will see you.  Believe in who you want to be come. It has to start with you.  I believe in all that I want to become.  I will and I am who I dream to become. 

Do you know who you are? 

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