Reflecting about the Movie The Peferct Guy-

Over the weekend, I saw the movie The Perfect Guy and it was a great movie with suspense, drama, and love. I loved watching Saana Lathan, Michael Ealy, and Morris Chestnut in this plot twisting thriller, drama driving,and love story.  Most importantly, I saw several messages that we as women should consider when it comes to relationships.  As one sit and enjoy the storyline, you cannot help but to reflect on the messages in the movie on relationships.  After the movie, my daughter and I talked about it and did a little reflecting.  I found myself pondering a few questions as I reflected about The Perfect Guy for me:

  1. Are my expectations (checklist/timeline) for my future husband that of a worldly The Perfect Guy?
  2. Have I been overlooking that laid back, hard-working, dedicated man?
  3. Is my checklist for my future husband following the traits of The Perfect Guy?

I asked myself these questions because as you watch this movie, Carter Duncan played by Michael Ealy was extremely handsome, very smart, charming, body was fit as could be, he was smooth with family and friends, he had no flaws that he portrayed until that one moment.  So, looking at him I had to asked myself these questions because every woman wants the “Perfect Guy“.  We all know no man is perfect and there was only one man who was perfect and his name was Jesus.  There is no comparison of the two.

Meanwhile, I reflect back on that man who was caring, expressed interest, and was willing to grow with me, but he was not perfect enough and didn’t meet everything on my checklist.  Just like Dave played by Morris Chestnut who was dating Leah played by Sanaa Lathan. He was laid back and hard-working man investing time and his heart with Leah.  They had been dating for two years and she was ready for marriage and babies, but he was not.  His proposal timeline did not meet up with hers.  Have any of you been there?  Some of the ladies know exactly what timeline I am referring to.  (Smile)  I had that famous checklist that had the age I would be married, how many kids we would have, and where we would go for our honeymoon and family vacations.  I was not letting go of my timeline or my checklist requirement.  Don’t worry, it’s okay that you had a checklist or timeline requirement.  Just as long as you came to realization, that your checklist or timeline was not in charged. Everything would happen according to God’s plan.

Now back to the messages from the movie, The Perfect Guy.  Have you been overlooking the man who you’re currently dating exclusive or living with?  In my granny voice, Lord help us he getting his milk for free  so why should he buy the cow?  By no means am I judging. I just had a granny moment, when she would hear of a young lady “shacking”.  That’s a topic for a new blog and we will talk about that later.   In the movie, I would say Dave was a laid back type of guy who sometimes I feel women over look and don’t realize the treasure they have before them.  You have heard the , “The grass aint always greener on the other side.”  When you have invested time with someone who appreciates you and values you then you don’t appreciate or treasure them because they are not jumping fast enough for you as my granny use to say.  Men are different  and we as women cannot program them to fit into our own agenda.  We cannot rush marriage and marriage should not be rushed.  It’s okay to let a man know what your expectations of the relationship and what you expect from him.  I totally agree with that, but telling him when he should ask you to marry him or get your ring will only push him backwards instead of forward.  No man is Perfect.

Finally, is my checklist for a husband resembling that of The Perfect Guy’s character?  We all have a checklist!  My was he had to be tall, light-skinned, six-pack, good teeth, fine, beautiful smile, making six plus figures, no kids, never married, and a few other worldly wishes.  This list is too worldly right?  I had to realized years ago, that my list was not realistic and it did not have true value to it.  It ‘s okay to have a checklist of what you are looking for in a man and from a man.  However, one just has to remember he will not be perfect.  He will have some flaws that you will have to accept and the same goes for him.  Over the last three years, there have been some additions and subtraction to my list.  For instance, my list has that I need to him to be God-fearing, child of God, have a relationship with God, and not just go to church.  I do require that he has good teeth, be healthy and fit, and I will keep the rest between me and God.  He still working on me and my list.  I love tall men and treasure a man who has never been married because we can grow and build together.

So, thanks to this beautiful movie with a great cast line up, it gave me the chance to reflect about The Perfect Guy.  We as women have to conclude that type of man does not exist nor does that type of woman exist.  We fall each day and by grace and mercy we get up to press forward to greatness.

Photo Source Credits:  Sony via Facebook.com/ThePerfectGuy


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