How my auto accident changed my life? 

How my auto accident changed my life?  It was March 13, 2014 around 8:00am. I was heading to work less than 5 miles from home. I was stopped at a red light and out of no where I was struck from behind by a truck and thrown into oncoming traffic. The only name I knew to call on was Jesus as the car was spinning around waiting to see where I would land.  Calling out the mighty power of God’s  hand to catch me. I know he sent angels that morning to intercede on my behalf because I was just discovering who I was and awakening my purpose.  I am grateful for his grace that morning that kept me in my vehicle and not ejected.  It’s was his love and unconditional love that he showed me and whispered, it’s not time for you to go. I am just begining to help you awaken your talents, your gifts, and discover your passion that would lead me right into my purpose.

It was indeed a emotional day for me as I never would have imagine that I would be in a car accident that would be the reason for me to change my life. My auto accident woke me up in 2014 and I discovered the woman, the daughter of a King, and a purpose driven woman that would become open to learning from others, eager to walk into my purpose, and yearning for the unconditional love from that of a purpose driven soul mate. God has a plan for my life and I saw a glimps of the greatness that was yet to come from me. What a mighty God we serve. 

After my accident, while going through therapy for a five monthshow I saw life was different. I would change my way of thinking, how I saw my present, and invisioned my future.  I realized that I am destined to birth greatness and leave a legacy, most important I discovered who I am.  That alone was a powerful testimony because I was lost.  I was afraid to use the gifts and talents that God gave me because I had become complacent at my job.  I am here to tell you, when you open your eyes and change your mindset that your entire life will change.  For me, that change began with the auto accident.  Why?  My accident let me know that life is too short not to live it to the fullest each day.  The accident taught me to evision big, dream big, and execute the plan to make the dreams real. I realized I was placed here to do more than just exist.  I only feel like doing great things and nothing mediocore.  My accident showed me that I have to find my purpose and be a light for others.  The blessing is in serving God and helping others.

How did my auto accident change my life?  I forgave the driver who struck me from behind, but that was not all because the driver saw me in court and he sincerely apologized.  The last time he saw me was when the paramedics were loading me out of my totaled vehicle into the ambulance vehicle.  He recalled the neckbrace and the stretcher that they laid me on.  When you are on your cell phone, you never know the impact you will have on someone that you hit.  You can take a life just because you had the have your hands on a phone instead of your hands on the wheel.

Now, in my case God’s hands was on the wheel. It was the father, that kept me from flipping over and haulting the traffic so that no vehicles moved until my vehicle was stopped at a stand still after landing in another lane.  I am a living testimony and witness that God will take the wheel and keep you.  He will not leave you and that day was the day I needed him the most.  I am thankful and I am blessed to be hear.  It’s been a year and I am still heaing.  I will never forget the accident, but I will remember his Grace, his Mercy, and his unconditional love that I am still here. I am a miracle. 

What event or accident changed your life?


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