There is power behind those prayers-War Room Reflection

Have you ever wondered about people who come into your life with a strong presence of God with them? These people come into your life to help you, teach you, guide you, and help you discover who you are. It’s amazing when you have Miss Clara’s that drop into your life because of an answered prayer request.

I had the pleasure of having my own Miss Clara and her name is Barbie Jones. She came into my life when I needed her most. I was a new babe in Christ. She is like. Big sister, minister, and friend. She is my Miss Clara and she tells the truth and gives you the scripture and the word  that will bless your spirit.

I am blessed to have her still be apart of my life.  When I come across her spirit she prays for me and reaches out to see what’s going on with me. Ain’t it funny how the holly spirit works?

That prayer that Miss Clara prayed in the movie War Room was powerful and it reminded me when I had fallen into that dark place in 2005. That scene reminded me of the power of prayer because I had some prayer warriors and big sister calling on the name of Jesus like Miss Clara was in that powerful scene at the end. Rise up she said, stand together in prayer, and unite together against the strongholds  latching on to family and friends, the problems of this world as she called out for intercession for our leaders of this country. This was truly powerful and I could see my prayer partners and warriors doing this very thing for me in 2005 and even to this day.

About a year ago, I went through some things quitely after my accident and didn’t tell to many people.  I kid you not my prayer partners and big sister, I could feel the power of their prayers partnering with my prayers because things were turning around. I am a living testimony things are still turning around.

I am rebuilding my prayer relationship and this movie reminded me how to fight my problems in this world. You cannot fight alone, you have to fight with prayer in  and over your finances, happiness, relationships, career, family, and dreams.  The devil is out to kill, steal, and destroy you. He has peaked into your future and he knows you were created for greatness.  I am fighting for my joy, my peace of mind, my rightful place as a daughter of the most high, my gifts and talent, my purpose, family, finances, career, business, and dreams. I know that I am destined for greatness and I am unstoppable. I believe in the power of prayer and I believe in having a strong and powerful relationship with God.

I am thankful for my Miss Clara, Barbie Jones and more big sisters who are purpose driven. I am still growing and walking as a sister in Christ passing the torch on and reaching back to take another sister’s hand to guide, teach, and be a light.  Many of us are still here because of Grandma’s prayer in her war room.  I am thankful for those prayers and continuing to build that relationship and the walk as well.

Our lives need Miss Clara’s and I have been enjoying the powerful words of Priscilla Shrier too.  This sister is deep and I love her sermons. Who knew.

Photo Sources: War Room/Facebook


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