When you loose everything, life becomes a struggle to survive. 

When you loose your hope, your faith, and your love ones life tends to be hard. So what do you do?  You have to pray and talk to the Heavenly Father. It’s okay to go and talk with your pastor or a counselor. 

It’s best that you talk these things out because keeping it bottled up will not help you. It’s healthy to release the pain that you feel instead of holding onto something that you had absolutely killing control over. 

This last year has been challenging financially and emotionally which required me to talk a lot longer to God. He is my help and my Joy. 

  1. Pray about all things that affect your life.
  2. Trust God’s word for your life.
  3. Believed in the power of his word.
  4. Seek help. A willow your pride and aka for help. 

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