Does how a daughter view of her father play a role in the man she desires?

I had to sit back and think about this one because when you are a single mother raising daughters, you have to consider the affect of an absent father. One has to ask herself will my daughter’s view of her father have an affect on how she chooses a man in her life.  You want them to know how to identify true love. You want them to be able to understand the value of friendship, self worth, standards, respect, trust, relationship goals, and God’s love. 

  Now, I have learned that it’s the father’s job to show her how she should be treated by a man and how she should be loved by a man.  What about a daughter that grows up without her father?  I believe it’s the mother’s job to show her daughter how she should be treated and how she should be loved. It’s important to give her true examples of couples who’s relationship define what love, relAtionahip, standards, self-worth, and friendship truly is. It’s Important for the mother to be an example to her daughters. Our children watch how we handle relationships on all levels. It then becomes a seed planted within them and if you are not planted the right seed. Then you can send your daughter down the wrong path on the true value of what a relationship with a man should be. 

  In other words, be an example because she is watching how you handle your relationships and how you love a man.  This is important to me given the relationship is not there with my daughter and her father.  It’s his choice and I pray that some day he will realize what he missing out on. 

Anyway, I choose to love me, set boundaries of tolerance levels, and my expectations of what a relationship is and what it is not.  I have learned from past relationships where I have stayed too long because I don’t  want my daughter to see that type of relationship is healthy.  We all want the best for our children and hope with prayer that they will make the right decisions. Yes, we have to allow them to make their own mistakes and decisions. It’s hard sometimes and you find yourself getting mad. 

You want their standards to have value and worth. You want your daughters to know who they are and know they are royalty. They are daughters of the most high and deserve the best because that’s God’s plan. 

Does how a daughter view her father play a role in the man she desires? 


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