New year means a new direction

It’s a year for you to live your dreams and invest into yourself. I have been sitting back thinking about everything that I did and didn’t do in 2015. As I sit here as the first month of  2016 comes to an end.  I ask myself a few questions? 

  1. Am I ready for a blessed year? 
  2. Have I changed my mindset for and about success?
  3. Have I equipped myself with the right tools and resources?
  4. What wil be different about the direction and path I take in 2016?
  5. Is God in this plan? 

I have made up my mind that this new direction will become a beautiful journey in 2016. I am walking into my season and my destiny. This year will definitely be better than last year. 

I have come to the conclusion that not everyone will support my dreams, my goals, and my vision. The reason for that is not everyone will understand the woman that I have become, nor will they understand what is my purpose.  My destiny awaits for me to jump into gear to do nothing but greatness.  I am in control of mychoices and God’s in control of my destiny and nothing can stop me. The power is in me and I recognize it and accept the gift that comes with it. My own personal testimony that this will be a blessed year of action, prosperity, and wealth. 

Don’t you think it’s time for a better you?  Life is far too short not to live. It’s time out for being afraid of the impossible. It’s time to take your dreams to the next level. Keep God in the executed plan and walk in peace m and purpose.

This year I will take this inspirational platform to a level of true testimony and influence. I will be sharing some great wine of Faith’s messages, talks about purpose, passion, finding you, self-love, and hope. 



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