What does Black History Mean? 

What does Black History month mean to me? For me it’s an honor to see the men and women who have become  trailblazers for African Americans.

It’s an honor to see their achievements that open so many doors for us as well as inspired the dreamers in us. I look at the picture below and see a remarkable history of powerful men and women of which some sacrificed their life and their dreams to bring about justice and equality. 

What it means to me is greatness with so many inspiring and empowering men and women that opened doors, sacrifice their life fighting to make things right for a people. It means recognizing greatness at its best and learning about African Americans that we didn’t learn about in school. It’s means seeing their dreams come true as they pursue their dreams and walk into their purpose. Black History means everything to me and my family. The old saying that you have to know  where you come from to see where you going. It’s important to know your history. 

Many of the women and men have open doors for generations to come in media, television, film, and politics.  They have given hope and open eyes to so many opportunities.  From our first African American President Barack Obama to mult-media mineral Oprah Winfrey. Their position and accomplishments says so much not just to the younger generation but to adults of all ages.  You can do anything you set your mind, heart to. They encourage and stress the importance of education. While inspiring and empowering the dreamers to discover their gifts and talents. 

As we celebrate these remarkable men and women, let’s not forget to keep sharing the stories and journeys of great, inspiring, empowering black women and men. 

What does Black History Month mean to you?  

Photo credits source: Pinterest via icanbeco.tumblr.com 


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