It’s Been a while since I wrote- I am back

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post for my inspirational blog.  It’s been crazy but most important, I lost track of what’s important to my well being as I try to balance my dreams, my vision, my goals, and my purpose.  Each one plays hand in hand with one another, but when you allow frustration to compromise your thoughts and dreams there is a tendancy to put up a few road blocks.  Sometimes those road blocks can send you into a corner making you feel discourage, depressed, and lost.  I thank God for praying friends and family members that continue to pray over me and for me.  We have all been in a place like this where you didn’t know what to do next and you got so much go on inside your head that yu got to take a step back and breathe.  It’s okay to step back and re-evaulate your position, goals, vision, and edit the plan.  Life is about editing over and over until you eventually get it right.

something better pic

So, what have I been up to?  First, I had to get out of my own way and step out on faith to take my freelance skills and talent and turn it into a new business.  I had to figure out God’s direction for me to go and how my other platforms would benefit from my business.  Then I found myself playing the “what if” game as to when I should start my own business.  Instead of battling with myself and standing in my own way, I forgot the most imporant thing that I needed to do and that was pray about, meditate on God’s good word, and most important listen for his guidance and his answer.  I have been writing my novel Deceitful- Playing with Fire, and a few other projects that I plan to pursue on the big screen someday.  It’s a big dream and requires a big vision.

It’s time to be the inspiration, create the vision, make it cleare, be a motivator and be motivated.  Most important, it’s time to be innovative and a leader which results will yield Success.  It’s time not to be complacent or stagnant.  It’s time to rise above and set new goals that will get you closer to yoru vision.  What is holding you back.  Remember, you cannot see clear if you have the same mindset, same friendships, and same goals with no results.  Change your mindset, I promise you will change your mind.

The vision is so clear now and it’s funny how God uses other people to give you confirmation, clarity, and sometimes the push that you need to follow the right direction.  Life is too short and I am seeing not just celebrity pass on but friends and family members go home to glory.  I want to walk and live on purpose utilizing my gifts and talents to make a difference in someone’s life.  This is exactly why this inspirational platform is imporatant to me and getting back in position to be able to write freely and be able to inspire someone to tap into their gifts and talents is a true blessings.

Get ready to be inspired, encouraged, and led by the spirit to feed your soul.  I have so much inside of me that is just ready to pour out onto the blog pages.  I am reading some inspirational books that are my favorites and some new that I find interesting.  I am listening to my pastor’s sermons and some guest pastors who gave such a positive message about making your life better in 2016, walking into your purpose, living on purpose, helping others, following your dreams, getting out of debt, and choosing to live life healthy, happy, and spiritually feed inside out.

It’s time to change the game in order to change the plan and change the story’s ending… Better yet, it’s new begining.




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