Reflecting about Life

On April 21, 2016 we lost another great artist Prince at an early age of 57. His death came as a shock to the world.   We all remember him today as he is layed to rest.  We fell in love with his music, his style,  his dancing on stag performance at concerts, and honor him as the talented artist that he was known to fans and supporters all over this world.

Meanwhile, less than a week ago today, Doug Banks a radio personality and legend was layed to rest on Saturday April 16th who died suddenly on April 11th at the age of 51.  Their deaths so close really got me to thinking about life, dreams, gifts, talent, and blessings.  It has made me realize that your life is a blessing and gift that should be used a service that will have an impact on other peoples lives.  Life is too short lately and people are leaving this place too soon. Their deaths have caused me to truly examine my life and ask myself the several questions:

  1. Am I using my gifts and talents to have an impact on others?
  2. Do I understand my gifts and talents?
  3. What am I doing with my gifts and talents?
  4. How do I want to be remembered?
  5. Where am I and where should I be?
  6. Am I in my own way?
  7. Is my passion my purpose and do I understand my purpose?
  8. Will I leave a legacy that will carry forward the vision of my dreams?

Have you sat back and thought about your life and where you are now versus where you should be now?  I have and today I got my confirmation that sometimes you have to leave your place of comfort in order to grow and prosper.

We have to pursue our dreams with no regrets because it will do us no good or justice to take our talent and gifts with us to our grave.  We were given the gifts and talents for a reason so that we may have an impact on someone’s life.  Several weeks ago, my pastor asked the question to the congregation:  how do you want to be remembered and what type of impact will you have on others?  Will you be a legend or just remember as your given name.  What will your name stand for?

How will people remember you? It’s not about all the things you can buy, but it’s about the impact you can have on somebody’s life as well as being able to help others prosper and grow.   It’s about being able to have a kind heart, giving spirit, a listening hear, and a smile to light up a room that will encourage someone to take that leap of faith becuase you inspired them based on your leap of faith.  

I want to be remembered for the lives that I touched and impacted to do better so they can live greater than the generation that came bfore them.  I want to be remembered for leaving a legacy that will keep reaching back opening doors for men and women, reaching forward to create new doors of opportunity, and changing lives so that our children and their children believe that they were created with purpose and there is power in their gifts, talents, and they were born of greatness to be great.

This life is not promised to us, but we can leave a impact on others that will be remembered.  Be a legend in your own right and purpose that has an impact on lives that will change the world.  We are God’s children and we shall take the time to help one another discover who we are, what our gifts are, and how to use the talents that was gifted to us. Life is too short to not take better care of ourselves and our loved ones.

Celebrate the life of great legends and use their words to inspire, aspire, and do better. How will you be remembered?  What type of impact will you have on others?



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