How do you find your Peace?

How do you find your peace when everything around you feels like it’s taking all your energy, time, and power? How about when it’s making you sick and you gain unwanted pounds. What do you do?  

Lately, I have been feeling this way so I made up my mind a few weeks ago that I was not going to allow anyone or anything to have or take my peace.  I quiet my mind, cleanse my body, feed my spirit with scripture, nourish my body and mind with affirmations and food. 

I refuse to be drained of my energy and power. I refuse to allow anyone to overwhelm me with nonsense and by taking up my time with medicrocity. I have learned to treasure my time by dedicating and blocking out time that I use to rejuvenate my spirit, mind, and body. This includes sleep too. When people invade my sleep it’s time to check them and let them know those powerful words of No. I find myself saying the words of No to quite a few people these last couple of weeks.

It’s important to have peace because it’s yours time.l and life is too short.  God never said for our lives to be hectic, over powered by others, or misused by others. I am no longer worried about anything because I know the good lord has my back and my best interest. How do you control having peace in your life?

How do I do it? For me, every morning I have my quiet time for about an hour, jump to it at lunch time, and then when I get home.  I enjoy taking a walk or just sitting out on my patio. It’s peaceful and it allows you to think without distractions and unnecessary noise.  Most important it allows me to mellow out or wind down from a crazy day in corporate America. 

Life is too short to allow anyone to corrupt your peace. That’s goes for work too.. Now that’s another story, but I have learned that no job is worth my peace of mind. I have seen that type of stress give folks heart attachs, gain weight, break up marriages, and high blood pressure. You have to learn how to find your peace. Part of my peace is writing. It’s a wonderful feeling to just let your thoughts flow with your pen or keypad. 

How do you find your peace?


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